Terms And Conditions


All online bookings must acknowledge full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions:

1. The Clog Market reserves the right to decline any trader’s application without giving reason.

For the guidance of applicants :

• It is the policy of The Clog Market to decline an application from any applicant whose work/product is not considered to be of an acceptable standard or conflict with the Terms & Conditions

2. Bookings will only be secure when The Clog Market has received and acknowledged the booking form paperwork and payment.

3. Payment must be made in full at the time of booking.

4. In the event of cancellation by the trader, The Clog Market reserves the right to retain all booking fees made.

5. Space is let to the trader stated in the booking form (when making the booking) and must not be sub let to any other party.

6. No vehicles are permitted onto the outside market area on market days.

7. No stall may be cleared before 16.00 without permission of The Clog Market.

8. Traders must ensure that none of their display equipment extends beyond the stall or space they have been allocated, this includes any rails, stands or additional equipment they may bring in addition to the stalls provided.

9. Traders must maintain an adequate shared access with their neighbours.

10. Additional space for a rail or table is subject to space being available on the day. This applies to the outside market only.

11. You are not permitted to use the walkway space in front of the market hall stalls for product display.

12. All stalls and tables must be suitably covered. All stalls and pitches must display the business name, appear professional, clean, tidy and attractive for the sale of goods.

13. The only goods permitted for sale will be those stated on the Booking Form. The Clog Market reserve the right to ask for the removal of any items not so declared.

14. The Clog Market and Rossendale Borough Council are not responsible for traders property whilst attending the market.

15.Traders are responsible for any and all damage or injury to persons or property occasioned by any of their exhibits, any act or omission by them or their servants, agent or contractors. Traders shall indemnify and hold harmless The Clog Market and Rossendale Borough Council in respect of all liabilities, proceedings, damages, cost demands and expenses brought or made against or incurred by The Clog Market in relation to, or arising from, any acts or omissions of the trader.

16. Traders are responsible for arranging their own Public Liability Insurance, Product liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance and contents or stock insurance.

17.In the event of the cancellation, abandonment, limitation or postponement of any market organised by The Clog Market, including interruption or cessation of power supply, there will be no claim against The Clog Market or Rossendale Borough Council. The Clog Market or Rossendale Borough Council cannot be held responsible for loss of earnings as a result of any of these circumstances nor any other action by any third party beyond their control.

18. Traders must comply with all requirements of The Local Environmental Health Authority, The Local Authority, The Police and the Fire Service.

19. Traders must remove all their own refuse, wrapping and waste at the end of each market.

20. Traders MUST adhere to the terms and conditions regarding safe use of electricity and gas supplies when attending this market.

If You Use Electricity or Gas ;
If electricity user please see below:

1. Each Electrical device to have current individual PAT Test.

2. Cable covering MUST be used at ALL TIMES (see also T&C).

3. Cables & Coverings MUST be provided by Trader.

4. Floor covering MUST be in place when trading (see also T&C).

5. Connectors MUST be round 16 or 32 amp ‘caravan’ style.

6. Please provide approximate total power requirement in Kilowatts.

7. Electrical consumption will be dependent on availability.

If bottled gas user please see below:

1. Gas users to provide ‘Gas-Safe’ certificate.

2. Complete Fire Risk Assessment (copy attached).

3. You must provide your own fire safety equipment (i.e extinguisher/fire blanket) suitable for your stall and products.